Pak Dogol, Clown Shadow Theater Puppet From Malaysia
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Pak Dogol, Clown Shadow Theater Puppet From Malaysia

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Pak Dogol is a clown, a major and traditional character from the Malaysian shadow puppet theater.   This Pak Dogol was once a working shadow theater puppet, operated by a dalang (puppeteer) in a Malaysian theater during the 20th century.

The body is 17-1/4" tall and 7-1/2" wide at the hips. The articulated arms, controlled by sticks, are 9-3/4" long; and the representational Malay knife in one hand is 9-1/4" long.

The articulated mouth is controlled by a string from the jaw and single wire to the base of the wood spine, which is sharpened for insertion during performances into the horizontal banana tree log which is part of the shadow Puppet Theater.

The clown, Pak Dogol, often associated with rice cultivation in Kelantan, has the protruding stomach, bulging navel and other features traditional to this character.

Handmade of water buffalo hide, this fellow is in very good vintage condition. To the best of my knowledge he is at least 75 years old.

As well as a fine addition to any collection of Asian theatrical memorabilia, this authemtic shadow puppet would also make a unique wall hanging.

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