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Plays by Augustin Daly, 1984 Don B. Wilmeth and Rosemary Cullen

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Plays by Augustin Daly, 1984 is edited by Don B. Wilmeth and Rosemary Cullen who provide an excellent and substantial introductory assessment of Daly's career and accomplishments. Signed first edition with a strong bibliography.

  • Plays include:  A Flash of Lightning, Horizon and Love on Crutches
  • Daly is remembered for his
  • (1) sensational melodramas
  • (2) strong control of his actors and
  • (3) productive activity as playwright and theater manager.

Daly's work as playwright and theater manager signal the 19th century beginnings of America's approaching recognition in the theater world.

The book includes eight black and white photographs of Daly's activities.  It measures 6 1/4 inches by 9 1/4 inches by 3/4 inch and has 208 pages. 

The book is in good condition. There are perhaps a half dozen small marks within the Introduction, and the dust jacket shows a little shelf wear at the edges.  Otherwise, the book is without marks, tears or signs of much use.

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