Provincial Drama in America, 1870-1916--A Casebook of Primary Materials, 1967  Paul T. Nolan
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Provincial Drama in America 1870 1916 A Casebook of Primary Materials 1967 Paul T Nolan

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Provincial Drama in America, 1870-1916 A Casebook of Primary Materials, 1967  was written by Paul T. Nolan, a relentless researcher in 19th century American drama and theater.

  • In this collectible book and others Nolan shows the result of academic/scholarly determined ignorance toward 19th century American plays.
  1. English Department professors largely ignored early American writers (Very few courses on Anerican literature existed until after World War II.)
  2. Theater Department professors were interested only in actors and theaters.
  3. English and European literature was generally superior.
  4. Only with the appearance of the worldwide Little Theater Movement and the efforts of Eugene O'Neill did attitudes begin to change.

As Nolan reveals, masses of manuscripts existed, unused, in the 1960s. And have fractionally changed with passing decade.

This book is in good vintage condition- no marks or tears, just browning of pages and foxing with age. The book measures 5 1/4 inches by 8 3/4 inches by 5/8 inch.  It has 234 pages.

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