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Restoration, 1965 Edited Alan Downer & Arthur Kirsch; Six Restoration Plays, 1959 Edited John H. Wilson

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Restoration England, Its literature and theater, are represented in two paperback books.

This period in England's political and literary history is generally assigned to the years between 1660 and 1688, marking the "restoration" of the English throne to the Stuart monarchy following Cromwell's Commonwealth, to the rule of William of Orange.

In politics few might argue, but in literature much more than government is involved, and these two books explain.   Both are anthologies.

Restoration provides excerpts from Diaries, Criticism, Verse Satires, Religious Verse and Drama.

Six Restoration plays includes The Country Wife by Wycherley, The Man of Mode by Etherege, All for Love by Dryden, Venice Preserved by Otway, The Way of the World by Congreve and The  Beaux' Stratagem by Ferquhar.

Both texts are paperbound and in good condition, shelf worn, pages browned and handled.  Restoration is firmly bound, free of marks and tears.

Six Restoration Plays is a bit scruffy and there are a few penciled underlines in two plays, but the book is firmly bound , free of tears.


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