Retro Office Desk Equipment Pencil Sharpener, Letter Holder, Rolodex
Miranda Mercantile

Retro Office Desk Equipment Set Pencil Sharpener, Letter Holder, Rolodex

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This collection of vintage home and office equipment includes a retro red pencil sharpener, a desk letter or card organizer and a Bostitch Rolodex. 

The pencil sharpener is a Bulldog made by Hunt MFG in North Carolina. The red part is plastic, and the remainder is metal with a suction cup rubber pad on the bottom which with a lever allows you to attach this sharpener to any flat surface, wall or desk top. It is used and vintage, but it still sharpens pencils very nicely. It measures about 5 inches by 2 1/4 inches.

The desk top letter organizer or file is plastic and measures 4 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. It is clean and without chips or damage. It appears to be just as good as it has always been.

The Bostitch Rolodex is missing some of its identifying letters, but the plastic slips remain and there appear to be an abundance of cards. Vintage condition, but the moving parts move as necessary and there are no nicks or marks, just some signs of use. On the bottom it says Bostitch Model FR 245 Made in USA Patent Pending. It measures 4 1/2" x 5 1/2."

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