Retrospections of America 1797-1811,  1887 John Bernard 1st edition.
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Retrospections of America 1797-1811, 1887 John Bernard 1st edition

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Retrospections of America 1797-1811, 1887 by John Bernard, an illustrated 1st edition edited by Mrs. Bayle Bernard, his daughter-in-law. 

This antiquarian first edition is a seminal study of early American theater by Bernard, English actor and theater manager and sometime secretary of the Beefsteak Club.

An Introduction, Notes, and Index are provided by Laurence Hutton and Brander Matthews. There are ten illustrations. 

The brown hardcover book is in fair vintage / antique condition. The cover has worn edges, the pages are browned with age and the first pages (frontispiece and publication information) are starting to loosen at the ends. Otherwise, the binding is firm and all pages are clear. The book measures 5 inches by 7 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches and has 380 pages.

British actor-manager John Bernard (1756-1828) came to America to star in Philadelphia theaters and Boston's Federal Street Theatre before touring extensively in the US and Canada. He returned to England in 1819 where with the help of others his views on his experiences in America took shape.

Mrs. Bayle Bernard was the actress wife of actor-playwright William Bayle Bernard, son of John Bernard, born in America. They moved to England in 1820 where Bernard made his reputation writing plays about America and adapting American plays for British audiences.

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