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Shachiapang, 1949 one of Mao's 5 Model Revolutionary Peking Operas

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Shachaipang, 1949, a political drama in Chinese with an English summary, is one of the Five Model Revolutionary Peking Operas which Mao Tse-tung used in his very successful communist propaganda campaign starting in 1936 to "take over" China in 1949.

No other leader in the history of mankind has used drama and theater more effectively than Chairman Mao.

This drama is a collectible publication in social, political and theatrical history.

No author s listed for Shachaipang because all artistic and theatrical endeavors in Chairman Mao's China were written by committees in order to preserve the idea of equality in Communist China.

The scene of the drama is the village of Shachaipang in the Yangtse River Valley, and the action takes place during the "War of Resistance against the Japanese" in 1936.

This 49 page booklet presents the text of the opera in Chinese with a two-page summary in English. It is an excellent illustration of the positive and effective use of theater and drama which Mao used throughout his career.

The 5 inch by  7 1/2 inch stapled paperback booklet is in good vintage condition with no marks or tears, only slight discoloration due to handling. The cover has a colored illustration as pictured.

This book ships First Class!

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