Vintage Sterling Silver Teardrop and Dark Red Jasper Gemstone Pendant, handmade 20th century in simple, minimalist, modern style.
Sterling silver vintage jewelry for sophisticated women, this handmade teardrop pendant features a deep russet red jasper stone cabochon in a bezel setting. Crafted in the 20th century, it is casually elegant, simple and minimalistic, with hints of mod and retro art deco in the design.
A rich red jasper gemstone in a bezel setting distinguishes this vintage handmade teardrop pendant of sterling silver, handcrafted in art deco / minimalist / mod style sometime in the 20th century.
Handmade in simple modern style, this sterling silver teardrop and russet red jasper gemstone pendant is distinctive 20th century vintage jewelry for women.
This casually elegant red jasper and sterling silver pendant of 20th century vintage will delight a woman of simple modern taste with a flair for art deco and minimalist fashion statements. It will also accent and define an individual boho look.
Sterling handmade vintage jewelry, this simple pendant for sophisticated women features a dark brick red jasper gemstone in a bezel setting.
Over 1 inch long, this vintage handmade pendant, a sterling silver teardrop, features a deep red jasper gemstone. It was handcrafted in modern, retro art deco style, in the mid to late 20th century.
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Sterling Silver Teardrop Pendant with Red Jasper Cabochon

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This vintage pendant, handmade during the mid- to late 20th century, features an oval gemstone cab of russet red jasper bezel set against a sterling silver teardrop.

  • Styles, Influences and Statements:
    • Art Deco ( Arte Moderne Movement )
    • Mid- 20thC Modern / Mod
    • Minimalist / Simple
    • Sophisticated
    • Casually Elegant
  • Particulars:
    • The pendant measures approximately 1 1/4 inch long by 3/4 inch wide, with an attached matching jump ring adding about 1/8" at the top.
    • The bezel setting is just over 3/4" long and approx. 9/16" wide, with the visible slightly rounded dome of the brick red stone 5/8" in length and 1/2" across.
    • As seen in the last two photos, the back is stamped: "Sterling Hand Made"
  • Miranda says:
    • The workmanship is very good, and the cabochon of excellent quality. In terms of craftsmanship, the piece does not appear to be the work of a professional jeweler - more likely it is a unique design handcrafted by an independent ( indie ) artisan. Whether more pendants of this same design were created, I do not know.
  • Condition:
    • The cabochon is like new, with no chips, scratches or natural imperfections.
    • Its colors, streaks and striations are typical of the stone, ranging from deep dark oxblood to warm brick red with spashes of light gray-mauve.
    • There are signs of wear to the metalwork: 
      • Suggestions of antiquing or natural oxidization on the front surface and around the outer base of the bezel.
      • Scratches on the back.
  • Packaged weight: 3 ounces
Note: The chain shown in a couple of these photos is a vintage sterling silver rope bracelet.
While it is not included with the pendant, you can see it by clicking this photograph.
Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Rope Chain Bracelet made in Italy.
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