Fire Bringer, 1904  William Vaughn Moody

The Fire Bringer Play in Biblical Drama Trilogy 1904 by William Vaughn Moody

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The Fire-Bringer, the second of three plays in a Biblical trilogy by William Vaughn Moody, one of 150 Limited uncut First Edition, is a poetic religious drama.

The play illustrates the effort of a significant American poet of the immediate Pre-WWI period to write for the contemporary theater. Essentially, Moody represents in America the revival of interest in poetic drama shown in England by William Poel and William Butler Yeats and on the continent by Rostand, Maeterlinck and Hauptmann. As 19th century English and Americans Shelley, Tennyson, Longfellow and others have demonstrated, the interest remained strong.

Moody (1869-1910), known more as poet than playwright, was nevertheless successful in New York with The Great Divide (1906), a play in prose.  As a humanitarian writer with universal themes on his mind, he tried to use his poetic skills on stage, albeit with less success.

The trilogy is based on the Bible and deals with the issues between God and the creatures He created. This is the only play in the threesome that Moody completed. The first, dealing with Judgment (1900), and the third, The Death of Eve (1912), were never finished.

This copy, 1904, is one of the 150 described on the copyright page of the book as "One hundred and fifty copies of the First Edition Bound Entirely uncut, with paper label." The "paper label" is shown in one picture. The book was in this uncut condition when I bought it sometime in the early 1960s. Unfortunately in some ways, I cut the uncut pages for ease of reading.

This book is in very good vintage condition. There is one mark identifying a long quotation preceding the text of the play. Otherwise, the text is clean and firm in its binding, although the pages show the sepia tones associated with antique books. The book measures 5 inches by 7 1/4 inches by 1/2 inch and has 107 pages.

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