The Living Theatre, 1959 Elmer Rice

Elmer Rice Living Theatre 1959 Liberal Activist Playwright

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The LIving Theatre, 1959, by Elmer Rice, first edition, is a broad testimonial by the author--on a variety of aspects of theater life from basic concepts to audience reactions. This what he, a staunch believer in theater and a fearless protester of those aspects of society which offended his beliefs, thinks about the theater.

Elmer Rice (1893 - 1967), an American Dramatist of the theatrically exciting 1930s, was an Experimentalist in his plays, a Concerned Liberal in his thoughts and a constant Theater Activist who with four others formed the successful Playwrights Company Producers.

From the teens in the 20th century when Rice (trained as a lawyer) produced his first remarkably successful Broadway hit, On Trial, through an activist career as a commentator on a dehumanized society in The Adding Machine (1923), Street Scene (1929) and We the People (1933) until his confrontation with McCarthyism and his final New York Production in 1963, he was that fearless protester of those aspects of society which offended his beliefs.

This copy is in firm condition, no tears, some browning and some written comments in only one chapter.The book measures 5 3/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches by 1 inch and has 306 pages.

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