The Yellow Jacket, 1912, 1939, George C. Hazelton, Jr, and J. Harry Benrimo
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The Yellow Jacket, 1912, 1939, George C. Hazelton, Jr, and J. Harry Benrimo

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The Yellow Jacket, A Chinese Play Done in a Chinese Manner in Three Acts, 1912, 1939, was a Broadway success written by George C. Hazelton, Jr, and J. Harry Benrimo.

  • Opening in New York in 1912 the play ran for ten weeks and toured extensively.
  • As Charles Frohman predicted after its opening curtain, for the next 15 years and more The Yellow Jacket played all over the world and in at least 12 1anguages. (See pp. 116-17 in this book.)

In a Foreword the authors state, in part:

"The purpose of the creators of this play is to string on a thread of universal philosophy, love and laughter the jade beads of Chinese theatrical convention." This was an astounding comment in 1912 and remained so for years.

This is a remarkable American play, and this Samuel French Acting Edition (which was clearly a prompt copy for a production) is unique in the vast additional material it adds to the play text. 

From pages 97 on through 142 you find the following  information, illustrations and illustrative Plates:

  • The Yellow Jacket   The Acting
  • Note on Make-up and wigs
  • Explanation of Plates in use of curtain
  • Property Plots for each act
  • Light Plot
  • Production record of the play abroad, 1912 -1929
  • Six pages of music
  • Sixteen pages of Plates showing properties, scenery, musical instruments, wigs, make-up and more

Condition of this paperback book!  I wish I could say that it is great, but it isn't.  The best you say (and this is good) is that the binding is strong. It is in remarkably firm condition.  BUT the text of the play is quite thoroughly marked up in red and black with cues and underlining.

Nevertheless, the pages are clear to read and allow room for the imagination to play!

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