Theater East and West 1967 Leonard C Pronko
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Theater East and West 1967 Leonard C Pronko

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Theater East and West, Perspectives Toward a Total Theater, 1967, by Leonard  C. Pronko undertakes to explain Chinese Opera, Japan's Kabuki and Noh and India's Kathakali through the perspective of total theater as presented by Artaud, Brecht and others.

There are 15 pages illustrated with 24 glossy photographs.

It is generally conceded that westerners are noticeably weak in their recognition of most Asian theater, but in his presentation of Total Theater Pronko argues that the Chinese, for example, are as vague about Japan's Kabuki as are Americans. His Total Theater argument presents a healthy and revealing view of world theater and its audiences.

This book is in good vintage condition. Other than signs of the removal of a book plate on the reverse of the front cover, there are no marks, no tears, only some foxing that comes with age. The dust jacket shows only minor signs of use.

The book measures 6 1/4 inches by 9 1/4 inches by 3/4 inch and has 230 pages.


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