Theater & Propaganda, 1978 George H. Szanto
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Theater & Propaganda, 1978 George H. Szanto

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Theater & Propaganda, 1978 by George H. Szanto proposes "to analyze the nature of integration propaganda" (as opposed to "agitation propaganda") as a tool of the dominant class in society and to examine the unconscious propagandistic methods that saturate dramatic presentation.

 Szanto proposes an intriguing approach which the chapter titles (see photos) explain. \

Defining propaganda as "activated ideology," Szanto has a probing thesis which, of course, has always been part of theater.  Remember Horace's dictum: To teach and to delight.

This copy is in fair to good condition.  Two of its chapters and the appendix have been seriously underlined and noted. The binding is strong as new, and other than noted  there are no marks and no tears anywhere, a clean copy.  The dust jacket  has several tears near the top and reverse, but is colorful and whole.

The book measures 5 3/4 inches by 9 1/2 inches by 7/8 inches, and it has 226 pages.

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