Theatre for Children, Richard C. Johnson in Dramatics Vol. XXXVIII 1965-66
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Theatre for Children, Richard C Johnson in Dramatics Vol XXXVIII 1965-66

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Theatre for Children by Richard C. Johnson consists of eight illustrated essays originally published in Dramatics Magazine, Vol. XXXVIII 1965-66. This is a collectible publication of The National Thespian Society.

  • The eight essays are:
    • Why Children's Theatre in the High School?
    • Selecting a Play for the Children's Theatre
    • Casting Students for Children's Theatre
    • Rehearsing A Children's Theatre Production
    • A Technical Challenge
    • Meeting the Children's Theatre Audienece
    • Starting a High School Children's Theatre
    • Children's Theatre - A National Movement

    This stapled paperback booklet is in very good vintage condition, with only slight browning of the paper. It measures 6 inches by 9 inches and has 33 pages.

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