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Theatre on the Frontier 1965 William B. Carson 2nd edition New Introduction

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Theatre on the Frontier, 1965 by William B. Carson 2nd edition with a New Introduction is an Illustrated history of Theater in St. Louis and the Mississippi Valley. From 1814 to roughly mid-century. Carson traces the efforts of Noah Ludlow, Sol Smith and James Caldwell, three theater entrepreneurs of the MIssissippi Valley.

This copy is a second edition; the first edition was published by the University of Chicago Press in 1932. There are 16 illustrations in this text, one of them a loose page.

This is a basic reference text for the American theater and drama historian, enhanced by a thoughtful introduction and supported by careful documentation and an appendix listing  performances from 1815 through 1839.

This book is in good condition, firm in binding and clean except for a signature of a previous owner on the flyleaf and a shaggy desk jacket.  With 321 pages, the book measures 6 1/4 inches by  9 1/4 inches by 1 14 inches.

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