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Theatres of the Left 1880 - 1935, 1985 Raphael Samuel, Ewan MacColl, Stuart Cosgrove

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Theatres of the Left 1880 - 1935 Workers Theatre Movements in Britain and America, 1985 was organized and written mainly by Raphael Samuel with help from  Ewan MacColl and Stuart Cosgrove.  It includes a narrative by Tom Thomas, 1977, founder of the WTM, and numerous valuable Historical Documents.

Building on the stated comment that "theatre, as the most public of the arts, is second cousin to politics," this book, part of the History Workshop Series, provides an invaluable basis for a knowledge of Left Wing theater in Britain and America.

Raphael Samuel (1934-1996) was a highly regarded British Marxist historian;  Ewan MacColl was "the first real revolutionary" Samuel had ever met.

This paperback copy is firmly bound, far superior to most paperback publications, and is in very good condition, clean throughout the text and without tears. Only the back of the cover suffers from scuffed ink marks. The book measures 5 3/8 inches  by 8 1/2 inches by 1 1/8 inches and has 364 pages.

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