Ideal for all women who love the theatre, these Theatrical Masks Harlequin Earrings are inspired by the Commedia Dell'Arte. 1990s vintage jewelry, they're black and fuchsia with red and blue touches, funky, whimsical, boho and fun. Made of polymer clay, with studs and brand new post butterfly backings.
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Theatrical Masks Harlequin Earrings

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These funky novelty Harlequin* earrings are sure to appeal to the theatre lover, actress, dancer, teacher and any woman who loves the drama, unusual jewelry and vintage fashion.

The Commedia dell'arte inspired masks are basically two toned - fuchsia on one side, black on the other - with the earring colors reversed to represent the multiple nuances of the statement. Each face has a blue slash running vertically through the hot pink side and a matching heart on the other. The eyes are open, the lips are red

  • In appearance, this pair suggests the influence of a variety of Styles:
    • Art deco 
    • Abstract
    • Boho bohemian
    • Whimsical /
    • Specialty genra / Thematic
    • Dramatic / Theatrical
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3/4 inch long by 5/8" wide across the top
  • Packaged weight: 3 ounces
  • Materials:
    • Glazed polymer clay (poly clay)
    • Paint
    • Flat nailhead metal posts
    • Jewelers' glue
  • Provinence: 1990s vintage from private collection of theater aficionado 

This pair, which resembles the classical Tragedy and Comedy symbols of the theatre, is in excellent condition, never worn, with the original card printed: "The Canary and the Elephant." A sticker on the back of the card reads: "Made in Taiwan R.O.C." (Republic of China). We have replaced the original original post holders with silver tone butterfly stud earnuts.

*Harlequin is a stock character from the Commedia dell'arte entertainments that originated in Italy in the Middle Ages and were popular throughout Europe during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Each character sports his or her own distinctive costume, performs specific roles in the ensemble troupe, and evidences a unique - and predictable - personality. Traditionally, Harlequin is capable of performing magic. Commedia dell'arte is sometimes called commedia alla maschera, commedia improvviso or commedia dell'arte all'improvviso.

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