To-morrow, 1912 Percy Mackaye First Edition Drama
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To-morrow, 1912 Percy Mackaye First Edition Drama

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Percy MacKaye's To-morrow, an American drama, this rare and collectible first edition 1912, considers the then recent discoveries of Mendel and the new "science of eugenics" as it begins "to influence art and popular feeling."

This hardcover copy, with gold leaf printing on the beige cloth cover, is in fair to good condition, with a name and date 1911 on the front flyleaf; the back flyleaves have been folded, but the binding is secure and the text is unmarked. The cover shows its 100 years of wear on the edges, turned corners and scuffing, as the pictures show.

  • The play explores the "science of eugenics" through the lives of Peter Dale "a Plant breeder," his daughter, a state senator and a biology professor.
  • Mackaye (1875-1956) predicts the repercussions that parental choice can have in the social institution of marriage - repercussions that have surely appeared 100 years later.

In his Preface to the play, written at his home in Cornish, New Hampshire, MacKaye discusses his themes:

  • "the racial meanings of childhood"
  • the "opportunity of children as the creative instruments of a happier to-morrow"
    This early 20th century play will become increasingly interesting to a biologically focused 21st century population.

      Note: The now outdated spelling of the title, still in use when the play was written, would now be condensed to "Tomorrow."

      This book measures 5 1/8 inches by 7 1/2 inches by 3/4 inch.  It has 176 pages.

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