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Uncle Sam Presents Memoir of the Federal Theatre 1935-1939, 1982 Tony Buttitta & Barry Witham

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Uncle Sam Presents, 1982, is A Memoir of the Federal Theatre, 1935-1939, as remembered by Tony Buttitta who worked in the Federal Theatre Project and written with the help of Barry Witham. 

Headed by Hallie Flanagan and established under President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration as a means for putting theatre people to work during America's great Depression, the Federal Theatre Project persisted amidst great political difficulties to create momentous theatrical entertainments. In 1939 the Federal Theatre Project unfortunately fell victim to Washington politics in general and particularly the antagonism of Senator Everett Dirkson of Illinois.

This book presents that story in vivid color. With a Foreword by Malcolm Cowley and an Introduction by Harold Clurman plus drawings by Don Freeman, all with personal experiences from the period of this Federal Theatre, Buttitta  and Witham tell the story --  starting with Act One Hanging the Show in 1935 and ending with Act Four, Ringing Down the Curtain on June 30, 1939.

This book is in very good condition, although the tear on the very colorful dust jacket may not suggest that. There are no marks or tears, and the binding is as strong as new. Measuring 6 inches by 9 1/4 inches by 1 inch, the book has 249 pages.

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