Vintage Lucite Beads Antique Silver Etched Embossed Puffed Rectangles 10mm x 8mm with Abstract Ethnic Patterns enhanced to gunmetal gray color with original and natural oxidized patina. Top quality bead supplies for jewelry designers.

Vintage Lucite Beads Antique Silver Rectangles 10mm x 8mm

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DESCRIPTION:  Top quality vintage beads to add a touch of antiquity to your handmade jewelry designs.

  • Material - Vintage lucite, silver plated
  • Size / Shape - 10mm x 8mm x 3mm / Rounded puffed rectangles
  • Holes - Drilled lenghwise, approximately 1.75mm - 2mm
  • Color - Silvery gray*
  • Finish - Oxidized antique metallic patina
  • Special Features - Etched, carved textured geometric pattern; very lightweight
  • Stylistic Influences and Design Statements -
    • Abstract
    • Art Deco
    • Edwardian
    • Esoteric
    • Ethnic / Tribal 
    • Exotic
    • Weathered
  • Qty - 10 pieces

*As shown in the photographs, some pieces may present a darker grey hue than others. A very gentle rub with a soft, dry and clean jewelry polishing cloth will brighten them. You may see variations in the detailed impressions / embossing.

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