White Pearls 8mm 9mm Acrylic Faux Pearl Beads
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White Pearls 8mm - 9mm Round Glass Beads

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For every Jewelry Maker whose clients love pearls ...


  • Material - Acrylic / plastic coated glass imitation pearls
  • Size - Approximately 8mm to 9mm
  • Shape - Sphere / ball / globe
  • Color - Pure white
  • Finish - Luster
  • Small Holes - Center drilled, approx. 1mm
  • Qty. - 132 beads as shown, strung on 6 temporary 6 1/2 inch half strands, bulk pkg.


  • Classic
  • Elegant
  • Glamorous
  • Sophisticated
  • Traditional
Suggested Uses:
  • Add a dressy touch to June birthstone designs and 30th anniversary.
  • Design romantic wedding jewelry and bridal accessories for brides and bridesmaids - 
    • Necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and matched Sets
    • Veils, Hats and Hair adornments
    • Embellishments for shoes, gloves, bags and purses, 
      flowers and floral bouquets, boutonnieres 

You may see slight differences in the size of these simulated pearls, all at least 8mm and many are closer to 9mm.

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