Women in the American Theatre, 1994 Faye E. Dudden
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Women in the American Theatre, 1994 Faye E. Dudden

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Women in the American Theatre  Actresses & Audiences 1790 - 1870, 1994 was written by Faye E. Dudden, an author with a definite purpose clearly shown on page 2 (see photograph) and acknowledged in her final paragraph.

It is a carefully researched history, showing the activity of women on the American stage and their achievements in the two divergent possibilities the author delineates: transformation and objectification--185 pages of text, 55 pages of documentation.  Clearly written, the history is enhanced with more than 50 photographs.

The book is in firm, quite excellent, bound condition, as is the book jacket.  But within the text of the first and final chapters there are a number of comments and underlinings; the last flyleaf and the back inside cover are filled with a reviewer's notes.

The book measures 6 1/4 inches by 9 1/2 inches by 7/8 of an inch and has 260 pages.

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